Where can I get the source code of Karamel-0.6?

It is very unstable to access GitHub from our servers, I will have to modify the source code of Karamel-0.6, so that I can download the resources from the mirror sites of GitHub. The related Java class is se.kth.karamel.common.util.Settings :

public static final String GITHUB_DOMAIN = “github.com”;

But I didn’t find the 0.6 branch in Karamel repository (GitHub - karamelchef/karamel: Reproducing Distributed Systems and Experiments on Cloud) , I am wondering if R&D team could push the source code of Karamel-0.6 to GitHub ?

@Freeman karamel-0.6 is currently built out of the master branch. Unfortunately as we put all our efforts into building Hopsworks feature store and Hopsworks.ai, Karamel has been left a bit behind.

To answer your question on the other thread, yes, Karamel only supports Github at the moment.

Hi @Fabio ,
Thank you very much for your reply.

In my humble opinion, it is necessary to make the constant GitHub_Domain as a configuration item, so that Karamel would be able to support other Git repositories such as Gitlab, Bitbucket and so on. Or the R&D team could also provide the source code of Karamel-0.6 so that other developers would be able to create the new branches according to their situation.