Unknown error provisioning on AWS

I’m trying to provision a new instance in us-east-1 and am encountering “unknown error”. I don’t know where to go from here, since the error doesn’t help me.

Anyone know what to do about this?

Does this error reoccur when terminate the cluster and start a new one? You might just have hit an intermediate error but if the error persists then we will need to investigate more thoroughly.

I’ve tried four times… same error. I’d really like to know how to gain more insight into what the actual error is. Can I do that somehow?

Alright, thanks for confirming. Could you try adding your SSH key in the advanced options of the cluster configuration. Note that you will have to ensure that SSH is open in the security group of the instance before you can SSH into it. Then use the user ubuntu for SSH access. The logs for the startup process are stored in /root/ec2init/. Could you share these with us.

Aside of that, did you create the cluster with the default settings or did you select any VPC, Subnet or Security Group to create the cluster with? It’s possible that you used an existing security group that does not expose port 80.

I couldn’t get at the SSH key, and had to terminate the instance. I re-created it in us-east-2 and it worked. Is that region a hard requirement?

Thanks for the feedback and glad to hear it worked this time. All regions that can be selected are supported but it is possible that the different regions are configured differently in your account. My suspicion is that you selected an existing VPC and a security group that didn’t expose port 80. Did you manually select VPC, subnet and security group during the configuration of the instance?