Time travel for on-demand feature groups

Hopsworks Feature Store does not support time-travel capabilities for on-demand feature groups (data stored on an external storage system eg Redshift, Snowflake, S3…). Is there a workaround this limitation?


From what I read in one of the hopsworks community posts, we have to derive a new feature group from the feature group created through on-demand and we can include the time-travel capabilities on top of new feature.
Someone from hopsworks team can still confirm it.


Hi, for on-demand feature groups hopsworks only stores metadata, such as connector, query and schema version. It doesn’t store data itself thus it can’t preform data versioning (in other words time-travel).

@Pratyusha_M is right. If you would like to have data versioning/time travel capabilities then you should derive cached feature group from it, which will save data in hopsworks and add time travel capabilities.