Stuck while starting GCP machine

Here is installation.log

In the tail, it said

' > ; chmod +x ; ./', DAG is stuck here :(
INFO  [2020-03-02 07:50:05,006] se.kth.karamel.backend.machines.MachinesMonitor: Sending pause signal to all machines

I use n1-standard-8 instance (8vCPU, 30G RAM)
On Ubuntu 18.04 (100GB SSD boot instance)

Everything else is in it default setting.

I install following tutorial here:

In short, what I did is run 3 command:

chmod +x

Do you have any outbound firewall rules on the VM that was created?
Can you send the output of this command?
sudo ./.karamel/install/

sorry I give up and destroy VM :smiley:

Are you behind a HTTP_PROXY?

No (or yes, I don’t know), it is default as it is when create. I don’t config anything.