Storage connector to s3 from

How I can allow with a cross-account role in my aws account to access other s3 buckets in my aws account? When I create the s3 connector I have the option to use an access key, or a ‘temporary credential’ (iam role). But no IAM roles are populating in the dropdown. I would have thought I could use the same instance role which we created for hopsworks. Is it supposed to be available in the drop-down?

Hello Deb,

You can follow this guide to allow the EC2 instance profile associated to your cluster to assume other IAM roles, and map these roles to different projects.


Thanks Mahmoud. How do I do step 3: “Finally attach the instance profile to the master node of your Hopsworks AWS instance.” ? Where is the admin page where I can find the cloud role mapping icon ?

I could not see the admin console because I was in the “new hopsworks” UI, and admin is not in the dropdown under username in right top corner in that view. I don’t know if it shows up anywhere. When I went back to original UI I could find it.

Yes, that is correct. We don’t have yet in the new UI, however, we are in the process of migrating the old Admin UI to the new UI.