RestAPIError. Cannot connect to the API

Hi everyone

Im trying to connect to my project on Hopsworks but Im having trouble to connect the API:

project = hopsworks.login(

And I receive the error:

RestAPIError: Metadata operation error: (url: Server response:
HTTP code: 403, HTTP reason: Forbidden, body: b’{“errorCode”:200014,“usrMsg”:“The requested variable requires admin privileges”,“errorMsg”:“Client not authorized for this invocation.”}', error code: 200014, error msg: Client not authorized for this invocation., user msg: The requested variable requires admin privileges

If someone can help me I would appreciate.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Francisco_T_Barbosa!

What version of the hopsworks library are you using?

import hopsworks


I suspect the issue is that you have installed a release candidate and not the latest released client.

You can amend this by running:

pip install hopsworks==3.2.*

Best regards,

Hi Robin.

Thanks a lot for answering. Im currently running the version 3.3.0rc0

Also, Im trying to do it on poetry.

So far the the poetry add hopsworks==3.2.* did not work.

Once again thank you.

Fixed. I uninstall and installed it again to version 3.2.0 and it worked.

Thanks a lot.