Pricing for Hopsworks Feature Store

Hi Everyone,

We are planning to use Hopsworks feature store on Azure Cloud and were interested in getting a cost estimation for Hopsworks license.

I understand the pricing info is not publicly available, but can anyone provide some figures that would help us to estimate.

We have also provided contact info and waiting for Hopsworks to reach back to us and if anyone could suggest on the response time it would help us to plan accordingly.

Thank You!

Hi Dipesh, I believe I have send an email to your colleague Venkat, I am happy to add you to the conversation, feel free to send a message via the contact form and we can take it from there.

the contact form

Hi Lex, Thank you for the info. I checked with my colleague but could not find any email from Hopsworks or from you. Could you please check and resend the email if possible.

Also if possible kindly add me to the mail:

Is Hopsworks not open- source?, what is the pricing for?

Hi Vitu, we offer both a community, free, product and an Enterprise version of that product which has some features that are not open source (tools for managing ressources and deployments in the different clouds, installation, backups, single sign-on etc…).

Thanks Lex,

Is there a link to a matrix which shows what features/components are in the community version vs the enterprise version?