Pip not completing task of installing a package

I am attempting to pip install a custom library from public pypi, but it seems “stuck”… what do I do?

Is there a terminal in which I can utilize pip commands? It appears not installed anywhere.

edit: Okay the operation finished it says, but my question stands… is this the only way to install custom pypi packages? How do I point to private conda and pypi endpoints?

Hi @emcp,

Our APIs don’t support private conda and pypi endpoints. However a workaround is to provide these to jobs and jupyter (on start) as library dependencies. There is a configuration field in the UI to provide these custom libraries. For Jobs, it is the third step - [File, archive, notebook (.py, .egg, .zip, .ipynb)]. For Jupyter, it is in the start advance config.

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This sounds promising… I do not know who administers our deployment but it is … I assume, on premise. I will check with our side because we want to minimize supply chain attacks and also provide some custom libraries that are not public on pypi

You can click on the conda channel and edit it.
Here, i changed it to the conda-forge channel. You can also enter a URL to a private conda channel.
If you want to change the PyPi server, you have to do it when installing the platform.