Permission denied when serving

Are there any permissions/roles which I supposed to set for any users?

Hi @Duy_Quang_Nguy_n,

Is it on If not, which hopsworks version is it?

Which example notebook are you running?

I used ver 1.3.
I used the model from, saved to hdfs then serve it using the UI.

It might be due to a specific 1.3 issue and the fix for it is to edit the /srv/hops/sbin/ file on the VM and add chmod 775 -R "$SECRET_DIR/$2" after the lines that contain
su "${HOPSWORKS_USER}" -c "HADOOP_PROXY_USER=$7 ${HADOOP_HOME}/bin/hdfs dfs -copyToLocal $3 $SECRET_DIR/$2". It is two lines in the script. This is fixed in the next release.