Module 'hopsworks' has no attribute 'login'

I’m getting error in login attribute of hopsworks package.

My operating system does not have a GUI, I am using Ubuntu server 22.04 LTS and jupyter-lab is running by a docker container

Hi @jps06

Which version of the hopsworks library have you installed? hopsworks.sys.version returns the version of your python environment not of the Hopsworks library.

Can you post the output of pip list or conda list?



Hi Fabio,
Thanks for your attention.

Follow version of Hopsworks

user@9d83dd199501:~$ conda list | grep -i ‘hopsworks’
hopsworks 2.6.0 pypi_0 pypi

I am go try update to version 3

Yes, the login method was added to version 3.x - Try using this version: hopsworks · PyPI