Model and experimental data can't be deleted

I installed version 2.0 of Hopsworks on the local server. I wanted to delete some models, but the delete button was not found in the Models menu. I guessed they were related to experimental data, so I tried to delete the experimental data. After I deleted the experimental data, I found that the experimental data still existed. But I found the experimental data has already been deleted in the Data Set, is this a bug?

Hello @Freeman !

If you want to delete a model there is no option for it currently in the UI. We are adding one in the next release. Currently the way to do it is to delete the version directory in your Models dataset. That will also remove it from the UI.

When you delete an experiment you can use the UI to do so and it should also clean up the experiment directory and remove the experiment from the UI. This does however not delete the model that you have exported. Here’s how to properly delete an experiment.

Hi @Robin_Andersson ,

Ok, I got it.
Thank you for your detailed reply.