Login Issue: Error 4009


I’m facing an issue when trying to login into my Hopsworks account.

Receiving the following error:

RestAPIError: Metadata operation error: (url: https://c.app.hopsworks.ai/hopsworks-api/api/project). Server response: 
HTTP code: 500, HTTP reason: Internal Server Error, body: b'{"errorCode":120005,"usrMsg":"Got error 4009 \'No data node(s) available, check Cluster state\' from NDBCLUSTER","errorMsg":"Persistence error occurred"}', error code: 120005, error msg: Persistence error occurred, user msg: Got error 4009 'No data node(s) available, check Cluster state' from NDBCLUSTER

Hi @John_Pinto!

We are looking into the issue right now, thanks for reporting it.

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@John_Pinto the problem should have been resolved now. Can you try to login again?

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Hi @Robin_Andersson,

I’m able to login again into Hopsworks. Thanks.

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