Load saved ML model

Please guide me on how to load specific version of a saved .pckl file using joblib.

Currently my sklearn model is saved and exported in Model Repository. I want to load the pickle file from Project/project_name/model_name/2/model.pckl

However, it throws the following error.

Hello @indhu!

I believe the joblib module you are using does not support reading directly from hdfs (Hadoop Distributed Filesystem). Instead as a workaround I suggest that you first download it to the local working directory using one of our helper functions called copyToLocal.

Here you can find the docs: hops package — hops-util-py documentation
And an example hops-examples/mnist.ipynb at master · logicalclocks/hops-examples · GitHub

This will download the file on the local filesystem, and then from there you can use joblib.load.

Let me know how it goes!
Best, Robin