KafkaException when inserting data to a feature group


When I try to create a feature group and populate it with data using an external Jupyter notebook using hsfs library, it creates the feature group (which is visible in the UI) but does not populate it with data. I get a KafkaException error.
%5|1693820385.607|CONFWARN|ip-10-0-0-37.ap-southeast-2.compute.internal#producer-23| [thrd:app]: No bootstrap.servers configured: client will not be able to connect to Kafka cluster
However, when I try the same with a Jupyter notebook inside of Hopsworks (without the hsfs library) the code works.

Additionally, I modified the Hopsworks Kafka config files as per below;


bootstrap.servers=kafka.service.consul:9091, INTERNAL://[public-ip]:9091, EXTERNAL://[public-ip]:9092

bootstrap.servers=localhost:9092, INTERNAL://[private-ip]:9091, EXTERNAL://[public-ip]:9092

But the error is still the same. How can I create and populate a feature group using an external notebook?

HI @Sandali_Nisansa,

Have a look at my response on Slack - I think the issue is the producer/consumer property files. They should not have INTERNAL:// and EXTERNAL://