KafkaException: KafkaError


I am working in ten prime environment.

KafkaException: KafkaError{code=_TRANSPORT,val=-195,str=“Failed to get metadata: Local: Broker transport failure”}

what is the reason for this error? How do I solve it?


Can you briefly explain your setup? I am not aware of ten prime
Did you install Hopsworks yourself? Are you trying to write to feature store from outside the cluster network and you are getting this error? Is there any firewall in place that could be blocking traffic?

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I have set up a cluster on GCP and am facing the same error when trying to load the first data into a new feature group. Attached are my cluster details. Going to try to isolate the error now.

RESOLVED see below

Successful GET calls, followed by the error uploading a basic test feature.

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd

test_fg = fs.get_or_create_feature_group(

index = np.arange(50)
values = np.ones_like(index)
xdf = pd.DataFrame(index=index, data=values, columns=['values']).reset_index()
test_fg.insert(xdf, write_options=dict(wait_for_job=True))
KafkaException: KafkaError{code=_TRANSPORT,val=-195,str="Failed to get metadata: Local: Broker transport failure"}



@antonios could you explain what Kafka is doing here and why this service needs access from the internet to perform the load.


The ingested data are written to a Kafka topic that is then used by Hopsworks to synchronise the writes to the Online and Offline feature groups, please refer to the documentation for more details. You don’t need to open the port to the internet as long as you can ensure access to that port from your environment.