Is it possible to upgrade a community feature store 2.4 to version 2.5?

I have tried to test how to upgrade a community feature store from v2.4 to v2.5, since I really like to keep my current data. How can I do it properly? Is it even possible to do a version upgrade with community hopsworks featurestore?

As I called karamel with Karamel cluster definition

./karamel-0.6/bin/karamel -launch hopsworks-installation.yml

I got an error dropwizard.yml not found:

Exception in thread "main" File conf/dropwizard.yml not found
        at io.dropwizard.cli.ConfiguredCommand.parseConfiguration(
        at se.kth.karamel.webservice.KaramelServiceApplication.main(

Hi @Yingding

Yes it is possible to upgrade an existing cluster.

You will need some changes in in your cluster definition though.
cookbooks/hopsworks/branch should be 2.5

and you should add the following attribute attrs/install/current_version: 2.4

Then you would run karamel as ./bin/karamel -launch hopsworks-upgrade.yml

Kind regards,