Installing in an air-gapped Environment

I am trying to install multi-host Hopsworks Community cluster in our air-gapped on-premise. Does anyone know which ports should be open within the cluster? I could not find a list of ports that are used by Hopsworks Cluster.


Are you looking for what access is required to install Hopsworks or to access a cluster from outside?

For installation, internet access is required to at least Conda, Pypi and a package repository such as apt or yum as well as HTTP download to some of our download host. I can compile a more complete list if this is what you are looking for.

I am trying to install a multi-host Hopsworks Community cluster using and need to know which ports and URLs access need to be available in order for this installation to work in an air-gapped environment.
Yes, I would appreciate to have a complete list so we can allow access during the installation.