Hsfs connection issue

Hi there,

I’m trying to connect to Hopsworks from my local machine via python code and constantly obtain ‘Invalid port’ error. I use Hopsworks 2.2 - do I need to open the ports (as I have seen in previous versions), that’s the problem with the code, or the problem with the installation?

conn = hsfs.connection(
https://hopsworks…’, # DNS of your Feature Store instance
443, # Port to reach your Hopsworks instance, defaults to 443
‘Demo_project’, # Name of your Hopsworks Feature Store project
api_key_file=‘featurestore.key’, # Either parameterstore or secretsmanager
hostname_verification=True, # Disable for self-signed certificates

Hi @Krzysztof - use hopsworks... only as host - make sure you remove the https:// part as well as the port. You should keep the port only as port attribute.