How does karamel sync cookbooks?

How does Karamel sync cookbooks? can I edit a cookbook after it fails so that I can successfully retry?

I tried editing the one in /tmp/chef-solo/cookbooks/hops/recipes/ but that didn’t work. I also tried editing the one in ~/.berkshelf but that didn’t work either.


All the cookbooks get cloned and vendored in /home/[YOUR INSTALLATION USER]/.karamel/cookbooks.

Yes, if you edit those files and retry the single recipe is going to work. Although editing stuff might have implications down the line during the installation.

I am trying to do a docker install so all the systemd configs in the recipes are breaking as there is no systemd service within a docker container. Looks like I might have to park this.

The mysqld settings under ndb are harder to figure out and workaround.
Are there any plans to split the monolith up so that we can fire this up with independent hive / flink / kafka / mysql containers etc ?