Hopsworks 3.0 RESTAPI Error


I installed Hopswork 3.0 locally and I got an error in the modeling part of the churn application you created.
Code :

X_train, X_val, X_test, y_train, y_val, y_test = feature_view.get_train_validation_test_split(
training_dataset_version = 1

Error :

RestAPIError: Metadata transaction error: (url: Server response:
HTTP code: 400, HTTP reason: Bad Request, error code: 110018, error msg: Path not found, user msg:

->{“type”:“restApiJsonResponse”,“errorCode”:200003,“errorMsg”:“Authorization header not set.”}

[15:13] Şule Akçay

python version == 3.10

Requirements :

I would be very grateful if you could help me.

Thank you very much.

Hi @cmlops,

Did you establish a connection to the feature store using hsfs.connection() or hopsworks.login()?

The error says that the API key you provided is empty or not correct, can you double check the connection setup code?

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I using hopsworks.login().Thank you very much.

Are you providing the api key using the api_key_value field in the login() method?
See the login method documentation: Login - Hopsworks Documentation

I got it, thank you.

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