Giving Job Parameters from UI

I have created a predicate condition on by feature group from UI using Data Validation feature
A job is created in the jobs section. However the job is asking for parameters. I am not well equipped with how should I provide the parameters i.e in which form? A json or a dictionary or something else? I have tried all options but the job fails to execute giving error.

Attaching the ss for reference

I think this might be a bug on our side. I’ll look into it.

Hey. Any update on this?

So yes it’s a bug. The parameters for the data validation job are not propagated correctly to the job configuration.

The correct parameters for it should be the following:

--feature-group [feature group name] --feature-version [feature group version] --verification-rules-file [the path in Datasets/DataValidation/rules of your json file containing the rules]