Error while trying to use 3.0 to install hopsworks on my centos8 Vagrant

Every time an error occurs, it’s different
I have tried multiple times to change the DNS settings of the VM and set the HTTP proxy, but still cannot be successfully installed. Can you give me some help?


Could you please give me some more information on how you are trying to install Hopsworks?
I would strongly suggesting installing our latest released version 3.2

If you want to experiment with Hopsworks you may use our Serverless platform for free


Ok, I roughly follow these steps:

first,i start my vargrant use “karamel-chef/Vagrantfile.centos.1 at 3.2 · logicalclocks/karamel-chef · GitHub

second, enter my vm and set http/https proxy

third,use 3.2

If I understood correctly you are trying to run Karamel twice. The Vagrantfile already kicks off the installation process here

If you still want to use the Vagrantfile to provision the VM and install Hopsworks I would suggest setting the proxy variables before launching Karamel similar to this