Error in install on prem-local

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(2) AWS.

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(4) Azure.

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Found karamel
Running command from /home/aappspoc/karamel-0.6:
setsid ./bin/karamel -headless -launch …/cluster-defns/hopsworks-installer-active.yml > …/installation.log 2>&1 &

Installation has started, but may take 1 hour or more…

The Karamel installer UI will soon start at:
Note: port 9090 must be open for external traffic and Karamel will shutdown when installation finishes.


You can view the installation logs with this command:

tail -f installation.log

$ tail -f installation.log ERROR [2020-04-29 19:45:34,339] se.kth.karamel.webservice.KaramelServiceApplication: An instance of Karamel is already running. Exiting... ERROR [2020-04-29 19:45:34,345] se.kth.karamel.webservice.KaramelServiceApplication: Address already in use (Bind failed) ! Address already in use (Bind failed) ! at Method) ~[na:1.8.0_222-ea] ! at ~[na:1.8.0_222-ea] ! at ~[na:1.8.0_222-ea] ! at<init>( ~[na:1.8.0_222-ea] ! at se.kth.karamel.webservice.KaramelServiceApplication.<clinit>( ~[karamel-ui-0.6.jar:na]

From the error Address already in use (Bind failed) it seems that the port is already in use.
Are you sure you don’t have another installation ongoing or that the port 9090 isn’t used by another service? You can check that by running netstat -ltnp | grep 9090 as superuser.


With, you can kill any ongoing installations AND fully remove and versions of hopsworks installed by running:
./ -i purge -ni
If you have installed a hopsworks cluster on many servers, you purge the whole cluster by running:
./ -i purge-all -ni

Then, after that you can try and install hopsworks again.