Error Creating Feature Group using Online=True parameter

I am trying to create a feature group using online=True Parameter.
I created the feature group earlier without the online parameter and it gets created successfully.
I deleted the feature group and this time I am creating it by providing online=True Parameter. It fails giving an error saying Feature group already exists. However the feature group still gets created but the online table doesn’t include any data.
Also the feature store ID given in the error and one created are different. I don’t understand from where it is finding the feature group with that feature Store ID.

Attaching the ss for reference.

Screenshot_2020-06-20 Hopsworks

The error you get is from the retry operation. Create feature groups are re-tried if they fail. In your case the create operation succeeded, but the insert failed.

I think in your case the issue is a primary key collision. The online feature store is sensitive to this.
You might want to specify the primary_key option in the create_featuregroup such that one or more columns of your spark dataframes are unique.