Dropping all entries in a Feature Group

Im looking for an elegant way to make sure im having a clean slate of a feature group. There doesnt seem to be any way to realize that, except the delete() command, which deletes the whole Group.

I tried inserting an empty DataFrame with the “overwrite” set to “true”. Please note that this has to happen decoupled from when i actually insert my data later on. After that my code throws an exception, which boils down to “404 Feature Group not found” when I try to insert anything else after that.

I also tried get_feature_group nd deleting the Group right after but sometimes the group doesnt exist so in that case theres also a 404 Exception thrown. So I tried handling it with get_or_create_feature_group and deleting it right after, as to make sure, that if it doesnt exist, it gets created beforehand, which seems really ineffective to me and takes a really long time. But dont worry, that didnt work either, as get_or_create_feature_group throws a “405 Method not allowed” if the Feature Group does not exist yet, as it is not materialized.

What Im trying to ask is: is there maybe something like a “drop_all_entities()” call I just didnt find yet? :frowning: