Community Edition Error Flood


I spun up a new instance of the Hopsworks community edition (version 2.4.0) using these instructions (Hopsworks Installer — Documentation 2.4 documentation) on a single server with a fresh/updated install of Ubuntu 18.04.

When playing around with the demo project that is created, I found that opening the tour_training_dataset_test dataset resulted in a flood of error dialogs about features (Data Provenance I think) only being available in the Enterprise Edition.

“This feature is only available in the enterprise edition”

It also appears to continue trying to poll for related information even as I navigate away to other pages like Feature Groups. I see a bunch of requests resulting in 400 errors to URLs like:


I think these are related to “Last Updated” fields trying to be displayed.

Is this a problem with how I’ve setup the test instance? Or are feature groups and training datasets not meant to be accessed from the community edition? I am a new user and was just trying to setup a test instance of the Feature Store tool for evaluation purposes. Any insight or pointers would be much appreciated.


One thing I’ve discovered is that the somehow I must have enabled the “beta” view. Switching back to the old view resolved these issues. For others who may get here, I found the “Back to current Hopsworks” link on the left-hand side of the screen returned me to the old view and resolved these issues. See the screenshot below.

Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 4.49.30 PM