Client Error when Creating new Project

Hi there,

I installed Hopsworks on a Virtual Machine. The installation went well and I am able to log into the Platform. However, when I create a new project, it will load and go back to the main screen. Upon creating a new project again, it will say “Client Error: projectname” with no other errors.

My questions are:

  1. how do I see the actual error in the logs?
  2. after installation, does create a project or any function require internet access?
  3. The platform needs to be behind a proxy, can Hopsworks be configured to run behind a proxy during run time?

Thank you.

Hi @Jonathan_Goh,

The most likely issue is that some services are not running correctly. You can find the logs of the backend in /srv/hops/domains/domain1/logs/server.log.

You can check which services are alive and which are stopped by running this command:


In the same directory you also have the scripts to stop all services and restar them:


Regarding your internet access/proxy question. Hopsworks doesn’t need to reach the internet. If you installed it on your hardware and you have connectivity to it, it’s enough for it to be working.

Let me know if that helps,