Can't login or "reset" password for demo cluster

I created an account on using Firefox because Safari doesn’t work. I used my Google account to login. Now I can see Hopsworks. When I try to access the demo server by clicking the button that says “Demo [14 days left]”, I get directed to a page with a login or sign up.

First of all, I’m confused. Is this different from my login? I used google for that. I’m not going to enter my google account password in this form.

Second, when I try to reset my password or sign up, I get a message in a red box below the “Create Account” button that says

Connection refused (Connection refused)

What to do?



There is a problem with the demo cluster. We are working on fixing it. It should not have sent you to this login page. We will let you know when it is fixed.



We have now fixed the demo cluster. Clicking on the Demo button should automatically log you into the cluster.

Best regards,

It works now, thanks!