Can't insert Data to online FS

Hello together,
I have a DataFrame that looks like this:

And I created a FG that has the following configuration:

Now i want to insert the DF into the online FS of the Feature Group. When i try this:

connection = hsfs.connection()
fs = connection.get_feature_store()
imu_header = fs.get_feature_group("imu_header", version = 1)

imu_header.insert(df, storage="online")

i get no error, but there is no data inserted into the Feature Group. Im Pretty stuck right here. Are there any suggestions what I could be doing wrong ?

Kind regards

Hi Alex,

The empty dataframe that you use to create the feature group, does it have the same schema as the dataframe with the data?

If you cluster runs Hopsworks 2.4 or newer, you can access the service logs through the Admin UI. You will see them in Kibana and you can filter on the “onlinefs” service. Otherwise if you have ssh access to the Head Node of you cluster, you will find the relevant logs in /srv/hops/onlinefs/logs/onlinefs.log for more details. Alternatively you can also check the OnlineFS Grafana dashboard to see if there have been write errors.