Cannot login to hopsworks UI

Hello everyone, i’ve already done installing hopsworks 1.4 on my vm. At first everything works normally, then i restart all services. When i want to login at https:/hopsworks with pages return

POST 404 (Resource_not_found)

at background and i cannot login, so how to fix this issue?

thanks in advance.

Hi arifpratama398,

It looks like maybe the glassfish service went down due to some reason inside the vm…
Try ssh-ing into the vm and run the script:
/srv/hops/kagent/kagent/bin/ (as root user)
If any of the services is red (i suspect glassfish-domain1 might be down) you can restart the services using systemctl restart glassfish-domain1 for example.
If a bunch of services are down, since some of the services depend on others for getting started correctly, it would be easier to shutdown all services and the restart all services. Our script restarts all services in correct order. So run
/srv/hops/kagent/kagent/bin/ and then


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