Cannot connect jupyter to Hops

I am getting error while connecting jupyter notebook(locally) to Hops.

ExternalClientError: host cannot be of type NoneType, host is a non-optional argument to connect to hopsworks from an external environment.

Please help me with this.


As the error is saying, when connecting to Hopsworks from an external environment you need to set the host argument in the connection call:

import hsfs
conn = hsfs.connection(
    host = 'my_instance',               # DNS of your Feature Store instance
    port = 443,                         # Port to reach your Hopsworks instance, defaults to 443
    project = 'my_project',             # Name of your Hopsworks Feature Store project
    secrets_store='secretsmanager',     # Either parameterstore, secretsmanager or local
    hostname_verification=True          # Disable for self-signed certificates
fs = conn.get_feature_store()           # Get the project's default feature store

If you are running your instance on, the DNS/host will look something like this [UUID]

This is necessary for the API to know where to reach the Hopsworks instance.