Cannot access Demo [14 days left ] (error:Transaction marked for rollback.)

I’m trying to use the feature store. I’d like to check out the demo first. So I signed up and logged in to get to the Hopsworks page. When I try to connect to the demo server by clicking the “Demo [14 days left]” button, I get redirected somewhere and get a “Transaction marked for rollback” error. Below that is Already have an account? & Login button. So, if you click the login button and log in with the same ID and password, it says that there is no account information.

This is my question.

  1. Can you solve this error → “Transaction marked for rollback”?
  2. I must have logged in and successfully accessed Hopsworks and then clicked the Demo button, but why is my login information missing?

Hi @yoonjeong.koo

We had some outage issues which have been resolved now. Could you please try again?

Kind regards,

The same problem happened again.
I proceeded in the order below.

Hi @yoonjeong.koo

That was a bug we have fixed but not yet applied to the Demo cluster. I patched it now. Could you try again now?


Thank you.
Now it works well!
But I’m sad that I only have 7 days left when I just got access.
Can you change the remaining period of use back to 14 days?

I’m glad you made progress. Yeah no worries, I can reset your days.

I’d appreciate it if you could reset the my days. (now : 3 day left) :grinning:


Sorry for the delay. The expiration date have been re-adjusted. You access to the Demo cluster will expire on May 4th.

If you need any help please let me know.