Accessing Hopsworks(featurestore) running on google compute engine from local IDE

Hi @jimdowling/@Theo ,
I’m trying to access featurestore that is running on GCE (built using the VM image provided by hopsworks ) from local PyCharm IDE but I get following error -
from hops.featurestore_impl.online_featurestore import _get_online_feature_store_password_and_user
ImportError: cannot import name ‘_get_online_feature_store_password_and_user’ from ‘hops.featurestore_impl.online_featurestore’

I have installed “hopsworks-cloud-sdk” . Some help here would be useful


What version of Hopsworks and hopsworks-cloud-sdk are you using?

Could you also provide the code you are running to trigger this exception?

I’m using image hosted on google cloud storage : hopsworks/hopsworks-0-10-0.tar.gz
I ran just 1 statement : from hops import featurestore

Name: hopsworks-cloud-sdk

I’m running this on my Macbook on PyCharm IDE, python version 3.7.6 .
PS : I’m working on a POC it would be helpful if we can resolve this


Unfortunately Hopsworks 0.10 isn’t compatible with hopsworks-cloud-sdk which was release with version 1.0. In general the versions of Hopsworks and hopsworks-cloud-sdk should be matching. If you want to test Hopsworks on GCP then you might need to install it manually, we do currently not provide up to date images. You could also use in case you have access to a AWS account or contact us to request a free demo and we will provide an instance to you.

We have a new script to install Hopsworks on GCP. You can read about it here:

Basically, run these commands on a VM with at least 50 GB disk space in the root partition (or /mnt), and ideally 32GB RAM (16GB will probably work, but not recommended).

chmod +x