About the process of creating a project

I find it always takes a long time to create a project, either through the UI or through the API. It seems to depend on the server configuration, if the server configuration is high, the process of creating projects will be faster.
I wonder what happens in the process of creating a project, if I want to know which step is the main time spent, what should I do? I have checked the GlassFish logs, but I didn’t find anything useful.

BTW, when a project is created, it’s “Disk quota” is always 195 GB, “HiveDB Quota” is always 244 GB, etc. If these values are defaults, where can I find documentation for these defaults?

Any comments will be much appreciated.

Hi @Freeman

The project creation process involves creating project resources in the various services available within a project, for example creating the project’s default datasets, creating logging metadata related to the ELK stack, etc. You can follow the steps through the code here and set the glassfish log to debug if you want to get more detailed output. If you would like to get more details in the glassfish log,

The services quotas can be modified from the Edit Variables menu under the Admin page. You can also override them when creating a cluster from the hopsworks-chef cookbook.

Hi @Theo ,

Ok, I see. Thank you for your reply.