A question about "Base Directory" of Jupyter

Every time I start Jupyter, there is a drop-down box called “Base Directory”. I find that there are only two options in this drop-down box, “/” and “/Jupyter”.

My question is whether “Base Directory” can be specified as another path? Because I noticed that “Base Directory” can be specified as another path in the Payload parameter.

Hi Freeman.
The base_directory is a directory in HopsFS, where Jupyter will “chroot” to. That is, the files you see in Jupyter will have as root the base_dir you supply.
The ‘/’ path points to the ‘root’ path of your Project - in HopsFS that is /Projects/<your_project>/
If you change the base path to point to
your user in HopsFS will not have privileges to do anything in that Project.

Hi @Jim_Dowling ,
Thank you for your reply.

That is to say, I can specify “Base Directory” as /Projects/<my_project>/Jupyter, or /Projects/<my_project>/Experiments, or /Projects/<my_project>/Other folders, right?

I have verified these cases in Postman, all of them are ok.

The UI only shows you the Jupyter directory (default), the root directory (from there you can navigate to any dataset in your project), and also another option may appear - any shared datasets in your project. They reside in a different directory in HopsFS: /Projects/other-project/<shared_dataset> . If you want to run a notebook from the shared dataset, you need to select it - you can’t navigate to it from the root of your project.

Hi @Jim_Dowling ,

Here’s my case:

  1. I created a new folder in Data Sets and uploaded a lot of training data to this folder, but I found that this process took a lot of time.
  2. So I was wondering if I could start Jupyter in a different folder, so that I could generate the training data directly by running a script.

Hej @Freeman,

You can just select the root dir / when starting jupyter, ignore the warning and you will get access to the whole project in the jupyter notebook. You can now access files/notebooks from any dataset. We do recommend you heed the warning and you only save your files and notebooks within a dataset and not within the Project root dir.

Hi @Alex ,

Ok, I see. Thank you for your reply.